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Right now, the Ontario Power Authority has a rebate program that encourages home owners and businesses to reduce the energy they consume. Information can be found at:
Greening your business doesn’t stop at changing your lighting to reduce energy consumption.  There are many options available to be environmentally friendly and there are great resources available for you.  Once such resource is Live Green Toronto, head on over to their website to see other environmentally friendly tips for your business!
Energy Savings Rebate Program
If you would like to participate in the SaveONEnergy program, Vivid Bright will apply on your behalf when you purchase LED bulbs from us.  Vivid Bright also shows you how much energy you will be saving through the SaveONEnergy application outline.
Many of our competitors show their customers inflated potential savings, whereas Vivid Bright will show you exactly how much you can save on energy costs and utilizes the SaveONEnergy form to elaborate these savings as precisely as possible.
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